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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is. from berlin tonight a message to mark the calendar the u.s. embassy in israel will move to jerusalem by the end of next year u.s. vice president biden pence made that announcement in a speech to israel's parliament today he received a standing ovation but israeli arab lawmakers were thrown out of the chamber for protesting vinces visit and trump's policy on jerusalem also coming up a surprise deal in washington the u.s. senate votes to end the government shutdown paving the way for hundreds of thousands of people to go back to work and germany's social democrats get set for
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negotiations to form another grand coalition government with the conservatives but the chancellor will not have an easy. golf it's good to have you with us u.s. vice president has told the israeli knesset that the american embassy will move to jerusalem by the end of next year now that's earlier than expected and it only adds to the controversy mike pence is the first u.s. politician to visit the region since president recognized jerusalem as israel's capital last month israeli arab lawmakers today made their opposition to the move clear right from the start of speach. the protests kicked off even before mike pence had begun his speech out of his really
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lawmakers were ushered from the knesset after waving signs at the u.s. vice president following donald trump's incendiary move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. but so are you saying show east jerusalem including the holy and the al aqsa mosque as a message that we have against. easter do something should be capital of palestine western islam capital of israel. pains he was given a much warmer welcome by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was unrepentant about the move he said that the u.s. was only recognizing fact over fiction as a first step towards a new peace negotiations between israelis and palestinians the united states appreciates your government's declared willingness to resume direct peace negotiations with the palestinian authority and today. we strongly urge the palestinian leadership to return to the table peace can only come
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through dialogue. it's a dialogue the palestinian authority is avoiding at least with the us palestinian president mahmoud abbas refused to meet pains traveling instead to brussels to try to convince you to take a stand in this conflict. we consider the european union a true partner and friend we therefore call on its member states to swiftly recognize the state of palestine there is no contradiction between the recognition of palestine and there is some sort of peace negotiation. literally. the us though is determined that the move will go ahead and quickly pence announced that the us embassy will relocate from tel aviv to jerusalem by the end of twenty one thousand. are for more now we want to speak to our jerusalem correspondent tanya kramer good evening so you can tell on your so we know that the vice
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president said he came with a message from the u.s. president and we heard that today what else was in ben's is message to the knesset and to the world. well we heard a speech from impact with fifty could references and also praising history praising the ties between israel and the u.s. and also praising again the u.s. recognition of to islam as the capital of saying what has been done wrong in the past seventy years was being right this time by president he also talked about avon it's interesting because he said to you vote israeli sets an evo never be able to develop a nuclear weapon and that the u.s. would not be able to certify the disastrous venue nuclear deal anymore in the future and also of course what you mentioned already he finally said that the u.s. embassy this very controversial that's touched it and recognition would have been
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rather soon at that late to the end of next year that it would move from tel aviv. and we also heard the u.s. vice president saying that the u.s. decision to move the embassy is a first step towards a new era of peace negotiations now as far as we know he's not meeting with any palestinians while he is in the middle east so what are we hearing from the palestinians they're actually saying the opposite aren't they. yeah they do actually they would call it if it is the end of an era for them because the end of an era as the us as peace and you go or because at the moment there are no negotiations and the saw in the report if it's also of the israeli i have no make it's on the joint list they had said before the speech that they would boycott the speech they went and the beginning of the speech and the protesting that removed
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from the knesset this same this decision is all against any and peaceful movement but not bring peace to the region incident to any peace initiative unpunished and so of course they have said already back in december shortly off to. announce its decision to recognize a truce and asked a couple of israel that they won't meet with any u.s. administration official because they say that the status of jerusalem should be caught a fine with such as negotiation and that's also a consensus that was. all right a correspondent in jerusalem tanya kramer on the story for us tonight tania thank you very much. and now to the united states the shutdown of the federal government is coming to an end after just three days the senate has voted for a bill to fund federal agencies allowing the government to resume business after a lengthy negotiations democratic leaders in the senate agreed to end the delaying tactics in return for the republicans agreeing to debate the immigration issue
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especially the plight of so-called dreamers who were taken to the u.s. illegally as children and could now possibly face deportation. are let's go over now to washington our correspondent is standing by good evening to you michelle so why have the democrats why have they made this what appears to be a sudden reversal and decided to vote to end the shutdown. that's an excellent question and the fact is that accredits did what they said they would not do before which is a vote for a bill that does not address the fate of the so-called dreamers and. they basically trust now that republicans as they promised to do will take up the issue of the dreamers separately in early february and the reason why they why the white democrats might have done this is because they were probably afraid that this this shutdown would be blamed on dennis especially those democrats running in
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competitive races in the midterm elections but what is interesting is that this could spell also trouble internally for the democrats as many left leaning progressive democrats and some of the most well known democrats bernie sanders and elizabeth warren but also cory booker and kirsten gillibrand voted against this bill so this could be spelling trouble for the democrats. in the future come november what does this mean then in terms of another shutdown i mean does this mean that the matter is off the table and that the government will now be funded indefinitely. no no it doesn't it's just again kicking the can down the road so to speak does this extension of the funding just runs until early february and then the whole matter will come up again in the congress and it remains to be seen if congress can come up with a full full fledged resolution of this issue of once and for all but until then we could face the same situation again and early february for this shutdown was
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basically a two or three day shutdown over the weekend we can talk about a lot of impact that it had on the lives of many americans can we. no it didn't really have such a big impact because the as you said this was this was mostly just over the weekend and the government will resume operations now again probably one of the most crucial issues was that that the centers for disease control who monitor the current flu epidemic that is that is reaching the u.s. and has left some thirty children dead so far they have to stop monitoring that that flu epidemic and they will continue working on that again so that is that is good news and that this shutdown has and in our washington responded michelle can go on the story for us tonight from the u.s. capitol michelle thank you here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the fighting on the turkey syria border intensified today and start use troops and their allies advanced on the kurdish enclave of
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a free inside syria the offensive is aimed at neutralizing a u.s. backed kurdish militia that turkey considers a terror organization freeney is said to be surrounded but the kurds say they have repelled the turkish troops from two villages which were seized on sunday. the former international soccer star george has been sworn in as the president of liberia tens of thousands of people attended the ceremony at a football stadium in the capital monrovia mr way it takes over from ellen johnson sirleaf in the country's first democratic transition of power in more than seventy years pope francis has apologized for insisting that victims of pedophile priest show proof to be believed but he continued to defend the chilean bishop accused of covering up the country's most notorious pedophile priest francis repeated that anyone who makes such accusations without providing evidence is guilty of slander.
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germany's social democrats are promising tough negotiations with conservatives on forming a new government the s.p.d. voted on sunday by a slim margin to joined formal negotiations talks with the conservatives the party says it's not satisfied with a preliminary agreement which was reached more than a week ago and it's calling for a renegotiation of some key issues here's what the as p.d.f. leader martin schultz and to say. as a social democratic party we go into these coalition talks with the aim of giving germany a new government that not just improves the life of the people in this country but also fulfills germany's international obligations with a view to the e.u. and the unity of uta. not all will lead to discussions tonight and not spit. and we want to pull in our political correspondent allison young he is outside the
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headquarters of the christian democrats the c.d.u. that i'm going to medicals party here in berlin good evening to you simon so what can we expect to come out of these talks you know the leader of the young wing of the s.p.d. he says that this coalition can only be a repeat of the past four years. yes brant well although there's been a decision by social democrats to press ahead with full coalition talks with angela merkel's conservatives we're going to have to be a little bit more patient because serviettes be they say that they need more time to decide exactly what how they're going to approach these talks with what personnel team in fact they're going to come to the negotiations but also where they're going to try and push for some more concessions because of course so many people in the social democrat party have said that that's what they're looking for so tonight's meeting here at c.d.u. headquarters with martin shields of the s.p.d. and the two conservative leaders is basically just to set the agenda set the
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timetable for talks that we expect will begin later this week and you know we've heard that the s.p.d. party leader martin shoulders he says that he wants to revisit all of the key issues in these formal talks which are about to begin i mean how much pressure does this put on these negotiations. well you know there's a lot of pressure because we've seen such a division within the s.p.d. so many people very unhappy about the fact that being in grand coalition is essentially as seen them lose support over the years in successive terms but it's also they feel buried the social democrat agenda and so that's really the danger for them and that of course in a certain way strengthens martin shields his hand because he can say to angela merkel look you know i've got my people waiting at home they're going to be given a vote on this coalition deal if we put one together so there's no red meat in
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there for social democrats to get behind that has to be something in terms of policy on the labor market on the health care system what some of these key areas that have been identified where social democrats would like to see some concessions from angela merkel so right and so i mean we've got about twenty seconds left give us a date here is there any idea when we might see a new government here in germany was a few more weeks of talks brant and then as i say they'll be a vote of the s.p.d. membership to see if they approve the deal people here are saying it could be made moments before any new grand coalition government is sworn in so i'm young on the story for us tonight here in berlin so ivan thank you very much. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you the u.s. vice president has told israel's parliament the american embassy will move to jerusalem next year ends his speech received a standing ovation but really lawmakers were thrown out of the chamber for
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protesting. you're watching news from berlin for all of us in berlin thanks for the company we will be back at the top of the hour with more world news. and. the d.w. media center see it find it. here it discovery. video and audio podcast and language courses in the g.w. media center at the dia centered on the w dot com. crime fighter the new season of radio crime thriller speakin. lucian.


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